Rob Goald’s 10 BEST  MOVIES OF 2018

Rob Goald's 2018 Top 10

Rob Goald’s 2018 Top 10

2018 was a year  that saw substantial changes  in the film business . It was a year in which Netflix became a major player, Marvel unleashed  a black super hero and Spike Lee a black Klansman.. It was a year documentaries (Monrovia, Indiana) did very well and  the story of Robin Hood was the universal flop of the year. I guess that in the age of TRUMP the poor stealing  from the rich does not resonate  with the youth of the 21st century.                        

  • Roma 
    Director Alfonso Cuaron’s family drama from Mexico is a game changer
  • You Were Never Really Here
    Director Lynne Ramsay’s striking and powerful sex trafficking noir

  • Black Panther
    Black superhero in a real deal franchise that works!
  • Green Book
    Director/screenwriter Peter Farrelly’s poignant trip through the Jim Crow South  vicariously reexamines racism
  • Beast
    Director/writer Michael Pearce captures emotional truth with a colorful and gripping tale of love, lies and deceit
  • The Rider
    Chinese director/writer Chloe Zhao creates a lyrical tale of a rising rodeo star who sustains a head injury
  • The Favorite
    18th Century in the palace  of Queen Anne where improprieties abound
  • Shoplifters
    Hirokazu Koreeda won the Palm d’Or for this riveting examination of the family living on the edge of criminal enterprise
  • First Reformed
    Sin and redemption have always fascinated director/writer/theorist Paul Schrader, this is his best in years
  • Eight Grade
    Bo Burnham’s film is unique and WONDERFUL!!!                              
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