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How Celebrities Can Manage The Pressures Of Hollywood

Many celebrities deal with the pressures of Hollywood on a regular basis. Here are some suggestions on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure when working in Hollywood. 1. Know Where You Stand. Ask yourself … Continue reading


6 Tips On How To Deal With A Celebrity Breakup

Sometimes it can be difficult for celebrities to manage the stress and depression of ending a relationship with someone. Here are some tips on how celebrities can deal with a breakup. 1.Give it some time. At first, you will feel … Continue reading


Celebrities Who Live With A Mental Health Disorder

Many Celebrities live with a mental health disorder in addition to dealing with their fame and success. Here are some suggestions on how celebrities can deal with their mental health issues. 1. Determine the source of your fears. If a … Continue reading


Film Review: Suicide Squad

Film Poster: Suicide Squad

Delivers exactly what it promises and what you expect. The best popcorn movie of the summer. I’m tired of heroes. I’m not interested in anything called “The Justice League.” What is the best thing about thrillers? The villain. You must … Continue reading


Film Review: Jason Bourne

Film Poster: Jason Bourne

Bravo to star Damon and director Greengrass. Ethan Hunt and James Bond, how are you going to top the destruction of the Las Vegas Strip? Just why would the CIA need to create non-emotional, detached killers? The DSM IV-TR gives … Continue reading


Movie Review: Café Society

Film Poster: Café Society

Director-writer-auteur Woody Allen produces his 46th feature film as a photogenic art piece with somewhat mixed results. The subject here is the disparity between New York and Hollywood circa 1930s and the world of Depression era musicals mixed with your typical … Continue reading