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How Celebrities Can Manage The Pressures Of Hollywood

Many celebrities deal with the pressures of Hollywood on a regular basis. Here are some suggestions on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure when working in Hollywood. 1. Know Where You Stand. Ask yourself … Continue reading


6 Tips On How To Deal With A Celebrity Breakup

Sometimes it can be difficult for celebrities to manage the stress and depression of ending a relationship with someone. Here are some tips on how celebrities can deal with a breakup. 1.Give it some time. At first, you will feel … Continue reading


Celebrities Who Live With A Mental Health Disorder

Many Celebrities live with a mental health disorder in addition to dealing with their fame and success. Here are some suggestions on how celebrities can deal with their mental health issues. 1. Determine the source of your fears. If a … Continue reading


How Celebrities Can Deal With The Pressure From Their Fans

Many celebrities can find it difficult to deal with their fans. Here are some suggestions on how celebrities can manage the stresses and anxieties of making your fans happy. The most important thing to do is to know where you … Continue reading


Book Review: Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking


Learning how to produce ultra-low-budget feature films is a demanding and complicated task. Even earning a bachelor’s degree in Film, from many of the nation’s best film schools, often fails to provide the intricate methodology of professional producing. Continue reading


Film Review: “The Fault in Our Stars”


Director Joshua Boone delivers emotional impact with this fresh and poignant love story aimed straight for the hearts of 21st Century millennials. Continue reading


Film Review: “Edge Of Tomorrow”


Terrific. Cruise oozes charisma and has real chemistry with Blunt. The thing about megastar Tom Cruise is that you know he gets “first look” at every screenplay. If he wants to do an action sci-fi adventure, his agents see everything … Continue reading