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How Celebrities Can Manage The Pressures Of Hollywood

Many celebrities deal with the pressures of Hollywood on a regular basis. Here are some suggestions on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure when working in Hollywood. 1. Know Where You Stand. Ask yourself … Continue reading


6 Tips On How To Deal With A Celebrity Breakup

Sometimes it can be difficult for celebrities to manage the stress and depression of ending a relationship with someone. Here are some tips on how celebrities can deal with a breakup. 1.Give it some time. At first, you will feel … Continue reading


Celebrities Who Live With A Mental Health Disorder

Many Celebrities live with a mental health disorder in addition to dealing with their fame and success. Here are some suggestions on how celebrities can deal with their mental health issues. 1. Determine the source of your fears. If a … Continue reading


Review: Southpaw


Gyllenhaal is fantastic. A terrific boxing film that makes the Mayweather-Pacquiao match look like a kindergarten puppet show. I’m a boxing fan and with some ultra-secret information that turned out not to matter in the pas de deux of the … Continue reading


Review: Pixels


*** out of 4 Stars Games.  The world loves games.  In fact games have been around before the days before Christ was born. The great Roman Empire used games in order to pass the time of day when they weren’t … Continue reading


Review: Trainwreck


Not as raunchy as you want it to be. Amy, don’t go the way of Lena Durham and get plastic surgery and a photoshopped Vogue cover. Bill Hader’s voice was like nails scratching a blackboard. I adore Amy Schumer. I … Continue reading