Father/Daughter Film Report’s FIRST THURSDAYS FILM FESTIVAL Selection: MYOSIS

Hello…!  We are David & Amanda, also known as the Father/Daughter Film Report bringing you interviews & updates on film festivals around the world.
Here on our FIRST THURSDAYS FILM FESTIVAL we would like to share with you some of the best films seen & screenplays read from all the film festivals we have covered, the submissions we have received & those “accidentally” found…

Here’s one sent to us from DUST:




Here’s one we saw at TWISTER ALLEY Film Festival in Woodward, OK and at the DEAD CENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City where the film maker – Chris Castor – was on the DRONE PANEL with other esteemed Drone Film masters (more on that in a future report).

CLICK on the image below to see an excellent story of a dream we are sure most every kid has and that made our Official Selection in our FIRST THURSDAY’S FILM FESTIVAL:

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