The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), certainly one of the major players in the world of documentary film, will have an influential presence at the South By Southwest Conference and Festival (SXSW) this week. IDFA is presenting Interactive Doc Showcase: Best of IDFA DocLab, moderated by Caspar Sonnen, the lab’s chief curator. IDFA DocLab is the new media competition program at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Since 2007, it has become one of Europe’s leading platforms for digital documentary innovation and interactive storytelling.

Caspar Sonnen is the new media coordinator for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and curator of the festival’s IDFA DocLab. In 2008, Sonnen founded IDFA DocLab to create a platform for interactive and multimedia documentary storytelling that expands the genre beyond traditional cinema. Since 2009, Sonnen also curates an annual IDFA DocLab guest program at SXSW. Besides his work at IDFA, he is co-founder and programmer of the Open Air Film Festival Amsterdam. In his program in Austin, Sonnen will explore how documentary cinema has been one of the most fruitful places for digital innovation and new forms of interactive storytelling. He will showcase some of his favorite projects that are breaking out of the boundaries of linear cinema.

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