Montreal World Film Festival Opens With Chinese Film

MILLION DOLLAR CROCODILE, a popular entertainment directed by Chinese filmmaker Lisheng Lin, will open the 2012 Montreal World Film Festival (August 23 to September 3). There will be a strong focus on China in this year’s event, with several other Chinese features screened and the inauguration of the Chinese Film Business Week initiative as part of the parallel Film Market, that will allow visiting Chinese film professionals to network with their North American and European counterparts. In the opening film, a young boy develops a bond with a crocodile on the loose. In the same vein as the classic E.T., the boy must protect his new friend from cynical poachers, and in the process creates a special relationship with the reptile. Director Lisheng Lin and the film’s principal actors will be in attendance in Montreal. For more information on the full Festival lineup, visit:

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