VR on the Mountain

During Sundance I was only able to enjoy two VR storytelling experiences, and both were great. At VR on the Mountain, hi-end Virtual Reality company HTC Vive set up shop and showcased different types of VR experiences. First up, “My Brother’s Keeper” a touching VR re-enactment about two brothers fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War. It’s 1862, in Sharpsburg, Maryland and this immersive storytelling has us in between the older brother, a soldier with the Union Army, and his younger brother, a Confederate soldier, whom he meets face-to-face on the battlefield during the ‘Battle of Antietam’. It’s brilliant cinematic VR.

VR Experience: My Brother's Keeper

VR Experience: My Brother’s Keeper

The second VR interactive room-scale experience is called “The Price of Freedom,” and is based on a true, secret CIA research project that had me going through historical documents, photos and audio tapes from the 1950’s. I got to assassinate a spy who was hurting my beloved nation. I had to go through his office to search for the spy’s secret documents using infrared to find all his hidden clues in different documents which finally led me to get the combination numbers to his safe. It was a really fun, cool spy mission. If you want to check it out for yourselves, here’s a link;http://store.steampowered.com/app/561080

VR Experience; The Price of Freedom

VR Experience; The Price of Freedom

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